Trigger Trading Technology™

 A revolutionary new way to trade


Charts & Alerts

  • Stock and Forex charts with free real time Forex, UK and European stock prices, plus delayed US stock market data
  • Over 170 pre-programmed technical analysis and candlestick pattern indicators
  • Rapidly develop custom indicators
  • Create alerts that will notify you when your price, trendline, technical analysis, volume and candlestick chart conditions are met
  • Never miss another trading opportunity with Email & SMS alerts
  • Point & Click system - no coding required
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Strategy Builder

  • Backtest alerts and visually display the results on the chart
  • Backtest trading strategies and display trades on the chart
  • Accelerate your learning through testing and refining your entry and exit trading strategies
  • Forward test your Trigger Trading™ strategies, via simulated demo trading against live market data
  • No coding skills required, just Point & Click
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Trigger Trading™

  • Get started now with a Free Demo Trading Account
  • Execute demo trades based on price, trend lines, technical indicators, volume & candlestick patterns
  • Execute fully automated technical analysis demo trading strategies with the ability to pause and activate rules as market conditions change
  • Demo Trade off the chart & view your open position profit and loss on the chart
  • Mashup trades - mix manual discretionary trading with automated Trigger Trading™
  • All without writing a single line of code
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CGT Calculator

  • Track your portfolio and watchlists with real-time ticking price quotes
  • Generate current & historical UK HMRC Capital Gains tax return SA108 for shares and fund transactions in domestic and oversea exchanges, including historical support for indexation and taper relief
  • Supports carried forward losses, allocation of current year and carried forward losses against gains
  • Support for share reorganisations such as splits, consolidations & rights issues
  • Get a snap shot of your Capital Gains tax liabilities at any point in time and model the impact of potential disposals to ascertain tax liabilities
  • Generate supporting calculations showing how Capital Gains and Loss figures for each transaction are derived
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Investment Clubs

  • All the tools you need to set up and run a successful investment club
  • Manage multiple broker and bank accounts denominated in different currencies
  • Online access for all club members, with the ability to set roles and privileges
  • Automatic and historical portfolio valuations
  • Unit Valuation System for managing member subscriptions
  • Generate UK HMRC Investment Club tax return Form 185
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The value of investments or any financial instrument bought through Mercor Index Ltd can fall as well as rise, which could mean getting back less than you originally put in. Please ensure you fully understand the risks: Equity Risk Warning.

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